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June 18, 2024

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June 18, 2024

Rental Contract

Bunny Bounce Party Rentals



  1. I / We warrant and guarantee that I / We have the right/permission of the owner of the property to use the equipment I have rented from Bunny Bounce Party Rentals.
  2. I / We agree to provide a safe environment for the use of all items being rented and any equipment by ensuring continuous supervision by competent adults. I / We agree to take full responsibility to follow the “rules of use” operation instructions and setup requirements and take all precautions to protect the equipment from damage and misuse, and to protect any anticipated user of any rented equipment or any person that may reasonably be in the immediate area of the rented equipment while in use.
  3. I / We understand we may designate responsible attendants or operators provided that the following conditions are met:

(1) Sufficient attendants must be present for all equipment and attractions.

(2) Attendants must be 18 years or older.

(3) Attendants must thoroughly understand the proper operation of the equipment, agree to the rules of use, and know its specific inherent hazards.

(4) Attendants must be under direct supervision of renter or renting organizations’ authorized agents and have immediate access to them.

(5) Attendant must command presence necessary to maintain order of their responsible area.

(6) Attendants may only operate or supervise one piece of equipment at a time.

(7) Attendants must not be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.

I / We acknowledge that the designation of such attendants does not transfer liability.

Terms of Rental
  1. I / We understand and acknowledge that the activity to be engaged in through the rental of an inflatable ride, interactive amusement device, dunk tank, carnival style games, activity equipment and/or any other items being rented, brings with it both known and unanticipated risks to myself, my guests, and to my invitees. Those risks include, but are not limited to falling, slipping, crashing, colliding, burning, cutting, broken bones, and could result in injuries to eyes, nose, mouth, or limbs, illness, disease, emotional distress, death and/or property damage to myself and/or my guest and invitees.
  2. I / We agree to hold harmless and indemnify Bunny Bounce Party Rentals and their agents and representatives for damages or injury to persons and property resulting from the use and rental of equipment provided by Bunny Bounce Party Rentals. In the event Bunny Bounce Party Rentals should institute suit in court in connection with any disputed matter relative to this contract, or in the event a suit is brought against Bunny Bounce Party Rentals, arising out the use and rental of any equipment provided pursuant to this contract by Bunny Bounce Party Rentals, I / We shall be liable for all attorney fees and costs Bunny Bounce Party Rentals may reasonably incur.
  3. I / We agree to have in effect a policy of liability insurance, which by its nature will afford coverage for the ongoing activities, equipment, or any other item provided by Bunny Bounce Party Rentals for any known or unanticipated injury or damage that may occur to any person or property.
  4. I / We agree that in the event of an accident, injury, or emergency we will cease operations immediately and contact Bunny Bounce Party Rentals promptly after any necessary emergency action is taken. Bunny Bounce Party Rentals can be contacted directly at 321-365-2444.
  5. I / We understand that although Bunny Bounce Party Rentals carries a general liability insurance policy, I / We should in no way rely upon said insurance to provide any coverage for any accident or injury caused using any Bunny Bounce Party Rentals rented equipment.
  6. Bunny Bounce Party Rentals does not guarantee any equipment to be free of cosmetic, manufacturers, nor other defect that may affect the safety or operation of the equipment.
  7. I / We acknowledge that in the event any rental equipment is damaged, missing or destroyed, I / We are liable for its repair or replacement cost.
  8. I / We acknowledge that in the event any rental game is damaged or destroyed, I / We are liable for its repair or replacement cost. Costs shown below.
    Giant Jenga Game- $125
    Giant Jenga Game Piece Replacement- $3/EA
    Giant Connect 4 Game- $200
    Giant Connect 4 Game Piece Replacement- $3/EA
  9. I / We acknowledge that in the tables and chairs must be folded and stacked neatly on a wall before Bunny Bounce Party Rentals arrives to pick up. In the event that the tables and chairs are not folded and stacked neatly on a wall by the pickup time, I / We understand Bunny Bounce Party Rentals will charge $1 per item not folded and stacked neatly on a wall.
Payment and Cancellation Policy
  1. In order to hold a reservation, a retainer of 50% is required at the time of reservation. The balance is due 48 hours before delivery. Reservations not paid off at least 48 hours before delivery will be cancelled and a cancellation fee of 50% of the total amount will apply.
  2. I / We agree to provide at least 14 days’ notice to Bunny Bounce Party Rentals in the event of a cancellation of the planned activities. Failure to notify Bunny Bounce Party Rentals of cancellation will result in a cancellation fee of $50. Cancellations made within 2 days of the planned activities will result in a cancellation fee of 50% of total amount.
  3. In the event of heavy rain and/or strong winds such that the equipment cannot be safely used, Bunny Bounce Party Rentals may cancel delivery prior to event/party delivery time. For inclement weather cancellations, the retainer/payment may be credited to a newly scheduled date, provided the desired equipment and dates are available.
  4. Bunny Bounce Party Rentals retains the right at its discretion to not leave all or certain equipment at my / our premises due to space constraints, ground conditions, unsafe location or condition, inclement weather forecast, or any other reason which Bunny Bounce Party Rentals has the sole right to ascertain. If Bunny Bounce Party Rentals refuses delivery for any reason, Bunny Bounce Party Rentals will not be held liable for any damages.
Setup Requirements – General
  1. Renter is responsible to ensure that sufficient grounded electrical outlets are available within 100 feet of each piece of equipment as applicable. Extension cords provided by Bunny Bounce Party Rentals may only power equipment. In the event of electrical failure, or unavailability of suitable power Bunny Bounce Party Rentals will issue no refunds or credits. Bunny Bounce Party Rentals may have generators available at an additional charge if electrical availability is a concern.
  2. Renter understands there needs to be a SAFE and reasonable path of at least 45 inches in width for our dollies to reach the setup location, if there is no such path the equipment will not be used and there will be no refund.
  3. If at Bunny Bounce Party Rentals sole discretion, no suitable location can be found for any equipment, as outline herein, the equipment will not be used and there will be no refund.
  4. I / We agree that if any provision of the user instructions or rules set forth herein by Bunny Bounce Party Rentals are not followed, the equipment, inflatable unit, attraction, concession equipment, dunk tank, game, or any other equipment provided by Bunny Bounce Party Rentals the rental shall be terminated absent of refund.
  5. I / We acknowledge that landscaping, yards, decorative lawn fixtures, or other related items may be damaged because of the use of any equipment Bunny Bounce Party Rentals provides pursuant to this contract. Bunny Bounce Party Rentals is not responsible for any damage.


In addition to all rules and provisions set forth here above, the following applies specifically to inflatable units and attractions.

Set-up Requirements / Inflatable and Attractions
  1. Inflatable devices must be set up over a smooth, flat surface. The area must be clear of rocks, debris, animal waste, and other objects, which may interfere with the use of or damage Bunny Bounce Party Rentals equipment. The unit must always have a minimum clearance of 5 feet on all sides. Contact Bunny Bounce Party Rentals for overall dimensions of specific units. By signing this contract, you are releasing Bunny Bounce Party Rentals from any liability regarding any damage that may occur to water, sewer, drainage, gas lines, etc. You as customer/signer are responsible for instructing any representative of Bunny Bounce Party Rentals to any obstructions or buried lines in or around the set-up area. Bunny Bounce Party Rentals is in no way held liable for damage or repair.
  2. Renter is responsible to ensure a water tap, and hose are available within the area where the inflatable will be set up. Well-water can stain the inflatable, if you have well water you must let us know in advanced.
  3. If equipment must be placed on hard surfaces such as concrete, blacktop, or a gymnasium floor, Bunny Bounce Party Rentals must be notified in advance. This is to ensure proper availability of weights, surface padding and overall suitability. Additional charges may apply.
  4. Equipment must be anchored prior to use. Anchors may not be moved or adjusted by anyone other than Bunny Bounce Party Rentals personnel. Equipment shall not be relocated during the activities unless prior notice is given to Bunny Bounce Party Rentals and its representatives are afforded an opportunity to move the equipment as deemed necessary and feasible. Fees may apply.
  5. Renter agrees to provide sufficient night lighting in the event the activities are held or continue into the evening hours. Set up time is approximately one half-hour prior to the time booked unless other arrangements are made.
  6. Bunny Bounce Party Rentals has sole discretion to ascertain whether location for the set-up is proper. If Bunny Bounce Party Rentals at his or her sole discretion ascertains that there is not a safe nor proper location, nor proper operation, the item will not be used. There will be no refund.
Additional Rules of Use / Inflatable Unit
  1. An attendant 18 years of age or older is always required. Do not operate any equipment without a responsible attendant.
  2. Attendants must read and understand all operation manuals and user instructions. Rules of use will be printed on safety labels and will be verbally given to renter or attendant.
  3. All users must be of similar size and strength when using interactive inflatables. Follow bounce capacities posted with each unit. Renters must follow instructions of Bunny Bounce Party Rentals.
  4. All users must be physically able to participate in activities without assistance. Adults may not “carry” or otherwise assist toddlers or infants up climbing surfaces.
  5. Remove shoes before entering.
  6. Remove eyeglasses, contact lenses and any sharp objects. No necklaces, beads, pins, buckles, or jewelry.
  7. The use of rafts, noodles, or any other device, other than ones provided by Bunny Bounce Party Rentals, to assist riders in going down the slide is prohibited. Using these types of devices could cause serious damage.
  8. Do not climb netting or other containment surfaces.
  9. Flips, wrestling, and horseplay are prohibited on and around the units.
  10. Do not allow all users to run in the same direction to avoid tipping the bounce.
  11. Do not allow users to come into contact with each other.
  12. NO face paints allowed in/on inflatables.
  13. Persons who are physically impaired, injured, wearing casts, have heart conditions or are pregnant should not use inflatable amusements.
  14. No use of any other type of soap, baby oil, lotion, fireworks, candy, food, soda, confetti, paint or silly string on or around inflatables. (Silly string will melt the vinyl and cause serious damage). A $150-$500 per unit cleaning fee will be charged to the customer if the use of any of these types of items are found on or in the units. If any of these items are found on or around the unit, the customer must be aware that the unit could be stained and needs to be replaced. Repair and Replacement Cost of Unit will be at customer’s expense.
  15. Absolutely NO adults on Bounce House Combos or Bounce Houses for any reason. These units are specifically designed for children. No children over the age of 13. In the situation where it is found that the rules are not being followed or abused, Bunny Bounce Party Rentals reserves the right to pick up equipment immediately with NO refund due to the customer. If it is found that any bounce house is NOT being supervised according to the rules and guidelines listed in this contract, Bunny Bounce Party Rentals reserves the right to pick up equipment immediately with no refund due to the customer.
  16. Use caution when sliding down any of the water slides. DO NOT JUMP from the top or bounce on the top of the slide platform. Always sit down and slide from the face forward position. DO NOT go down face first on your belly, DO NOT go down backwards.  One person down the slide at a time, make sure one person is going up the stairs at a time. No more than two users total on a slide at one time. Make sure that the pool or landing pad at the bottom is clear and no one is present before sliding down.
  17. A dry unit MUST stay dry. If it is found that you have used water on a unit that you rented dry there will be a $150 drying charge immediately charged to your credit card on file.
  18. Customer is aware that if a unit is left at a residence or location overnight, Renter/Organization is FULLY responsible for the unit until Bunny Bounce Party Rentals returns to pick up the unit. Lessee understands and acknowledges that the blower is to be removed from the inflatable device and locked up in a secure dry location overnight. Renter/Organization is also responsible for any damages that might occur overnight by outside pets, vandals, etc.
  20. Any altercation to the water hose/ mister hose will result in an automatic charge of $25 to credit card on file.

I / We hereby acknowledge that we have read and fully understand Bunny Bounce Party Rentals contract; that we will abide by all its Rental Contract; and that we have read and understood all user instructions provided by Bunny Bounce Party Rentals. We fully understand the potential for unanticipated danger associated with use of all equipment provided by Bunny Bounce Party Rentals.

I / We have read and understand, and agree to abide by, all the terms of these contract pages.